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Core Fitness

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  • Zenzu Pro Ball Chair

    Zenzu Pro Ball Chair has adjustable height for users 5' to 6' 3". Adustable and removable padded lumbar support. Sturdy office grade steel design, featuring 45cm pro series burst resistant ball. Compact and easy to assemble. Reduces back strain & ... Learn More
  • Purathletics Air Balance Disc

    PurAthletics Air Balance Disc prevents back discomfort, relieves stress on the spine. Promotes "active sitting". Helps with spinal alignment, improving posture. Increases intensity when stretching or doing lunges. Use the Balance Disc while standin... Learn More
  • Purathletics Chinup Bar

    Use the PurAthletics Chin-Up Bar to get a total body workout, beginner and advanced users, multiple workouts, Great for any level of fitness. Easily grips on to most 34" wide door openings. includes workout and instructional chart Learn More
  • Purathletics Flex Bands 3 Pack

    The Zenzation PurAthletics 3-piece Flex bands are widely used by Physiotherapists (rehabilitation), Fitness instructors & Pilates instructors. Used for cardiovascular gains. Used to vary the resistance & actively isolate each specific muscle... Learn More
  • Zenzation Resist Cord 6pc Kit

    Zenzation Resistance Cord 6 Piece Kit with Studio-Grade resistance cords helps tone & strengthen your body through resistance training & movements. Use for rehabilitation & to prevent injury. Targets: Triceps, Biceps, Back, Thighs & Buttocks... Learn More
  • Purathletics Ab Glider

    The PurAthletics Ab-Wheel Glider when used just minutes a day will target, Abs, Oblique's, Triceps, Lats, Back, Shoulders & Arms. Helps strengthen your overall core, building muscle firmness and flattening the tummy. Unique coiled directional spring... Learn More

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